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Stop guessing and start predicting where and when illness will spike demand

Predict where infectious illness & allergy symptoms will spread, months in advance

In business, certainty is everything. Marketing, supply chain and retail teams use our actionable, real-time community health analytics solutions to more accurately forecast sales demand, optimize media spend across markets and reduce supply chain disruptions. Discover how it’s possible.

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Real-time and really accurate

Our real-time illness tracking system shows where symptoms are spreading and forecasts future outbreaks months in advance. Combining data from millions of health guidance app users with other relevant health data, we provide the earliest and fullest picture of where contagious illnesses and allergy symptoms are spreading.

Stop guessing and start predicting

Traditional health analytics sources give you a “rear-view mirror” look that’s unreliable for forecasting. Kinsa Insights is different. You can use our illness insights to see exactly where and when illnesses will spread and adjust your plans accordingly.

More confidence on every decision

Align your marketing in real-time to previously unpredictable illness trends. Optimize supply chains and reduce out-of-stocks. Make sure your product is available where and when customers need it. Above all, make more confident business decisions.

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Here’s what our customers have achieved:


Improvement on forecasting


Sales lift from optimized retailer marketing


Reduction in forecasting errors


Additional product demand identified (above retailer forecast)

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