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The Most Accurate Predictor of When and Where Illness Will Strike

Kinsa Insights is the earliest and most accurate solution that can predict cough, cold and flu season across the United States up to 20-weeks in advance.

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Empower teams across your brand

Kinsa tracks illness across the United States and turns illness into the most accurate and predictive insights teams can take action on.

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Optimize Your Marketing

Media Optimization

Know when and where your most primed-to-buy customers are with Kinsa’s Illness-Based Media Optimization Solution. Our proprietary solution detects & predicts illness at a local level, enabling Brand Marketers, Analysts, Agencies and Retailers to direct their campaigns to the right customers ahead of - and in - their moment of need.

Kinsa’s Illness-Based Media Optimization Users Have Seen:

  • 25% sales lift improvement
  • 55% increase in ad engagement
  • 4 to 1 ROAS

Insights in Action

MiQ uses Kinsa Insights’ hyper-local illness data to increase in-store sales for a national drug retailer.

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Accurately Predict Demand

Shelve Stockouts

Illness Forecasting

Predict the unpredictable with Kinsa’s Illness-Based Sales Demand Solution. Kinsa’s accurate season forecast on when and where illness will rise, up to 20-weeks in advance, enables brands and retailers to accurately predict sales demand, avoid out-of-stocks, and optimize supply chains ahead of the competition. 

Kinsa’s Illness-Based Sales Demand Users Have Seen:

  • 37% improvement on forecasting
  • 27% sales lift from optimized retailer marketing
  • 50% reduction in forecasting errors

Insights in Action

Mucinex uses Kinsa Insights’ illness solution to double retailer demand forecast accuracy

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Download Flu Season Outlook

Cold, Cough and Flu Season is coming back. Kinsa Insights predictive analytics solutions can help you manage your business demand more effectively.

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Kinsas Flu Season Outlook

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