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Webinar: See When and Where Symptomatic Illness is Rising Across the US

Join Kinsa Epidemiologist Maggie Quitter, MPH, to learn how symptomatic illnesses like cough, cold and flu will evolve and rise across the US. Next, we’ll discuss how symptom-relief brands can leverage actionable data to drive sales, improve media campaigns, and keep products on shelves when and where consumers need them.

In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

-What’s in store for the rest of the ‘22 illness season and our outlook for the ‘22-23 illness season
-How COVID-19 sub-variants may impact illness and symptom levels
-Epidemiological factors we’re tracking that brands and retailers should know about
-How brands and retailers can use symptom signals to optimize omnichannel media campaigns and avoid out-of-stocks for illness-relieving products.

Kinsa Insights Users have seen:

-40% increase in sales on CRM messaging
-274% increase in traffic using hyper-local illness insights
-50% reduction in forecasting error


Maggie Quitter, MPH – Kinsa Epidemiologist
Brad Pope – Head of Customer Success, Kinsa Insights


Kinsa Insights + LiveRamp Data Enablement Platform

With illness continuing to remain unpredictable, marketers for illness-based and symptom-relieving products are challenged to plan and optimize their media spend and target campaigns to the areas where consumers need their products – before they make a purchase. 

Kinsa Insights is the earliest and most accurate predictor of the “when” and “where” for illness-based purchase intent, providing localized, predictive, and real-time illness signals allowing brands and retailers to optimize media campaigns.

Now available on LiveRamp, Kinsa Insights enables users to quickly identify geos with high or trending prevalence of symptoms like cough, cold, flu and allergies, and target ads in these areas to maximize campaign ROAS. Users can choose right-off-the-shelf symptom and illness segment types, like cough, cold and flu, for specific products and objectives, and easily activate them into omni-channel campaigns.

What makes Kinsa Insights’ segments unique?

  • Data from millions of households across country via Kinsa health guidance app
  • All user data is aggregated & anonymized – no PII
  • 200k symptom inputs per day, collected at symptom onset

Kinsa Insights’ proprietary network of over 2.5 million households provides insight at the first sign of illness – weeks earlier than the Centers of Disease Control/ILI network and other claims based data sources. Our five-year historical data base provides predictability into illness and symptom trends down to the zip code level.

Interested in learning more? It’s easy to get started. Let’s discuss how Kinsa Insights integrates with LiveRamp and how it can help brands and agencies with a 4:1 improvement on ROAS.