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Smart thermometers are proving valuable in battling colds and COVID. They can prescribe better advertising outcomes, too.

Kinsa Insights’ real-time health data provides an early warning system for cold, flu, and COVID diagnoses

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Illness is Rising - Especially in Young Adults

Unusual symptoms in the south, a return to normal, and an an unexpected age group is having more fevers

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Join the Kinsa Insights Team in Las Vegas for GroceryShop 2021!

Join the Kinsa Insights team at GroceryShop 2021 for a complimentary cocktail hour and to learn all about our Media Optimization and Demand Forecasting Solutions!

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Illness Levels in Children Under 13 are Higher Than Average This Season

About 2.4% of children under the age of 12 have a fever. That’s more than a full percent higher than the baseline average for the country.

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3 Ways to Use Illness Insights to Optimize Your Media Spend

There’s an art and science to planning a media spend during the illness season. You need to know which types of users want to see your ads, when they’ll need your product and where they are. Because of these complexities, many media planners and agencies take the “spray and pray” approach— spending more money on a broader audience to hopefully catch the right person at the right time to drive a sales conversion. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Use illness insights.

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5 Tips to Incorporate Illness Data into your Demand Planning

How will brands decide where products with illness-based demand, like decongestants and tissues, will be needed and when? With illness data, that’s how!

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How Illness Insights Can Weatherproof Your Brand Strategy

Illness-related brands, forecasting demand and creating a media plan ahead of cold and flu season can feel a lot like packing for a sunny destination and getting caught in the rain, having to pivot at the last minute and spend more than you planned on a rain jacket and umbrella.

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