Kinsa Insights

2023-2024 Illness Season Outlook for Marketers

Join Kinsa’s Epidemiology Team to learn where, when and what illness we expect to rise this coming illness season

In this exclusive 30-minute Illness Season Outlook, Kinsa’s Epidemiology and Customer Success team will discuss our proprietary illness predictions for the upcoming 2023-2024 illness season, including risk factors for tripledemic, how much overall illness we project, and when/where we expect illness to rise.

In this session you’ll learn:
-Which symptoms and illnesses will dominate this coming illness season and where and when they’ll be most prevalent
-How Kinsa can help you target media to where and when illness-based purchased intent is highest, helping you spend more effectively on programmatic, social, e-commerce, loyalty and shopper marketing campaigns
-How to easily activate our illness and symptom signals with flexible CPM-based pricing