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3 Ways to Use Illness Insights to Optimize Your Media Spend

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There’s an art and science to planning a media spend during the illness season. You need to know which types of users want to see your ads, when they’ll need your product and where they are. Because of these complexities, many media planners and agencies take the “spray and pray” approach— spending more money on a broader audience to hopefully catch the right person at the right time to drive a sales conversion. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Use illness insights.

  1. Predict When Illness Will Spread

What if you could optimize your media buys before the illness season even begins? With predictive illness insights data, marketers can know exactly when to target their campaigns up to 20 weeks before an illness event. Not only will this information let you stay ahead of competitors, but you’ll also save money by only serving impressions to consumers with illness-based needs.

  1. Know Where to Buy 

Buying media in every DMA in the country is a great way to  spend all of your media money, but is it the best way? With illness insights data, marketers can target the  audiences where illness is rising and they need your product the most. Effective illness data can even tell you which counties will see outbreaksin the future.. With illness insights data, you’ll only spend your media money on the areas you know people need your products. 

  1. Sell Only What is Useful

The final piece of a successful media buy using illness insights data is to know which products to put in front of people. Illness insights data makes that process easy by telling marketers which illnesses and symptoms are rising or falling in a particular area. Should you advertise your cold medicine in Metuchen? Not if the state is already recovering from the flu. How about thermometers in Nashville? If illness insights data points to an increase in body aches and fevers, that’s a good idea! 

Kinsa Insights is a leading provider of illness insights data, allowing your company to be the first mover in the illness market. By telling you what symptoms and illnesses are spreading, where they are spreading and when, Kinsa Insights helps marketers spend media money where it counts! Contact  [email protected] to learn more or visit