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How Retailers Can Prepare for Illness Season

As the illness season looms and the delta variant pushes COVID cases higher each day, retailers are hard pressed to make informed plans for the future of products with illness-based demand. During these always-changing times, it’s important to know WHEN and WHERE illness will strike. 

Illness Insights can help companies plan for an uncertain illness season. With early knowledge of when and where illness will occur, retailers can plan media buys and stock shelves ahead of demand. The alternative – stock outs, lost basket sales and a loss in customer loyalty.

Beginning in March each year, Kinsa’s team of data scientists, epidemiologists and doctors create an illness season outlook. They normally look at factors like flu vaccine coverage and rates of global travel. This year, they also take into account things like remote school and work arrangements, mask mandates and levels of international travel. This is all combined with proprietary, localized illness data to create an outlook that predicts when and where illness will rise up to 20-weeks in advance. 

Retailers and marketers with illness insights know what to expect during the upcoming illness season, with enough lead time to take action. They can target media buys to exact geographies weeks before an outbreak begins to build awareness and purchase intent. They can direct product inventory to the right stores ahead of demand to avoid stock outs, drive incremental sales and grow market share. Knowing what you need, when you need it, is the key to success this upcoming illness season.

Kinsa Insights is a leading provider of illness data, allowing your company to be the first mover in the illness market. I’d love to share our latest illness season outlook with you! Drop a comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected] to learn more!