Kinsa Insights

Kinsa Insights + The Trade Desk Data Marketplace

Did you know Kinsa Insights real-time illness signals are available in the Trade Desk Data Marketplace?

Illness has never been more unpredictable – making it impossible to predict timing, severity and location of seasonal illness. This has made it challenging for digital marketers and agencies looking to plan and optimize media spend for illness-based brands/retailers.

Kinsa Insights is the earliest and most accurate predictor of the “when” and “where” for illness-based purchase intent, providing localized, predictive, and real-time illness signals allowing brands and retailers to plan media campaigns and budget up to 20-weeks in advance or adjust and optimize in the moment.

Brands and agencies are leveraging Kinsa’s geo-targeted illness insights to:

  • Optimize campaign spend to increase ads in areas where illness levels are severe, and decrease spend in areas where it isn’t.
  • Enable dynamic creative optimization (DCO) based on illness levels & signals to make sure the right customer is seeing the right message at the right time.
  • Execute campaigns that increase brand awareness and grow purchase intent ahead of illness-based demand.

Our proprietary network of over 5-million users provides insight at the first sign of illness – weeks earlier than the Centers of Disease Control/ILI network and other claims based data sources. Our five-year historical data base provides predictability into illness and symptom trends at the DMA, county, and store-level up to 20 weeks in advance.

Interested in learning more? I’d love to show you how Kinsa Insights integrates with the Trade Desk and how it can help brands and agencies with a 4:1 improvement on ROAS! Email me at [email protected] or message me to learn more!