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Mucinex uses Kinsa Insights’ ™ Illness Solution to Double Retailer Demand Forecast Accuracy

The Challenge:

The timing and intensity of seasonal illness is always unpredictable. COVID-19 exacerbated that unpredictability for illness related brands. Some, such as disinfectants, saw historic sales fueled by panic-buying. Others, like symptom relieving medications, saw volatile sales due to historically low levels of common colds and flu. Amidst this uncertainty, Mucinex®, a leading cough, cold and flu brand, sought to reduce out-of-stocks by ensuring a top 3 national retailer’s forecast could cover exceptions in illness-driven demand.

The Solution:

Kinsa deployed its Illness-Based Sales Demand Solution, which leverages Kinsa Insights’ proprietary 12-week cough, cold and flu forecast, to accurately predict Mucinex product demand. During an unprecedented illness season, Kinsa’s Illness-Based Sales Demand Solution reduced a top 3 national retailer’s forecasting error by 50%, reducing Mucinex out-of-stocks, ensuring a superior experience at the shelf, and driving sales.



reductionin forecasting error using Kinsa’s illness insights vs. retailer’s traditional illness data set


additional product demandabove what the retailer forecast identified

Kinsa cold, cough and flu based sales forecast

  • Actual
  • Kinsa predicted
  • Retailer Forecast

Our partnership with Kinsa helps us understand where, when and how much demand there will be for our products, allowing us to better collaborate with our retail partners. This upcoming Cold & Flu season, Kinsa’s accurate illness forecast will help us optimize our supply chain, drive revenue and most importantly, have our products on shelves where they are needed, ensuring consumers can rely on Mucinex for symptom relief.

Brian Nussbaum Planning Director - Reckitt Health
MiQ uses Kinsa Insights’ hyper-local illness data to increase in-store sales for a national drug retailer

The Challenge:

Existing illness data used in media targeting is delayed, costly, and limited in geographic accuracy. For retailers targeting ad campaigns to areas of rising illness, this data results in inefficient and ineffective spend, and low ROI. Retailers need a unique way to promote products that are directly impacted by illness.

The Solution:

Kinsa Insights delivers real-time, hyper-local, aggregated illness data to pinpoint precisely where and when illness is spreading. MiQ leverages this innovative solution to target retail store locations where community illness is on the rise.


About Kinsa

Kinsa Insights’ real-time aggregated data is built from a proprietary network of millions of households using Kinsa smart thermometers nationwide. This dataset is weeks earlier than the Centers for Disease Control’s ILINet and gives brands the insights they need to: Optimize budgets around campaigns that drive results with real-time insights. Improve media targeting to consumers that need their products the most with hyper-local targeting. Quickly adjust in-market messaging based on current and predictive illness trends


Sales Liftin featured products


A campaign ROASof $3.25 per $1 spent.


Sales Liftin halo products

By using illness data via Kinsa’s API connected with their DSP, MiQ updates their campaign spend and audience targeting in real-time, driving ROI

Incremental sales lift from illness signal vs benchmark