Cold, Cough and Flu Season is coming.  Kinsa Insights predictive analytics solutions can help you manage your business demand and media campaigns more effectively.
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Leveraging our proprietary smart thermometer network, Kinsa can:

  • Predict the trajectory of flu season 12-20 weeks early, down to the county and DMA levels
  • Track the start, peak and end of flu season in real-time, weeks earlier than the Centers for Disease Control

Combining years of historical proprietary flu season data with epidemiological insights and research from our academic partners, Kinsa's Seasonal Outlook gives you the earliest projections on the upcoming season.

Our Academic Partners

We keep track of the details so you don't have to.

Our team of epidemiologists and data scientists combine Kinsa's unique, real-time data set with factors that impact illness severity to forecast the timing and intensity of the illness season.

View Kinsa's 2021-2022 Flu Season Outlook and understand the factors impacting illness spread.

Kinsa's Unique Factors

Historical Illness Trends

Household Transmission

Universal Factors

COVID-19 Vaccination Rate

Air Travel

Local Mobility

Illness insights are the missing element to your marketing strategy.

Use Kinsa's real-time, predictive & hyper-local illness insights to build brand awareness ahead of an outbreak and reach  customers in their moment of need.

Pre Flu Season

Leverage Kinsa's latest cold, cough, and flu season outlook to adjust your marketing strategy

Flu Season Start

Take advantage of Kinsa's full season illness forecast to optimize your marketing budget

In Season

Use Kinsa's real-time hyper-local data to target customers the moment illness strikes

Campaigns targeted with Kinsa's hyper-local illness data see a 55% increase in ad engagement.


Digital marketers see a 10:1 return on their ad spend when using illness insights to target their audience.


Brands who use Kinsa insights to target their media see an 25% sales lift improvement.

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