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Kinsa predicts when and where to expect sustained surges in hospitalizations or ED visits

“It’s mindblowing… It’s like you’re a fortune teller.”

Nurse Manager Emergency Department and Clinical Decision Unit

“It’s the medium to longer term sustained illness surges that are most problematic.”

Chief Medical Officer Level 2 Trauma Center

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Hospitals and health systems
use Kinsa’s predictive analytics for:

Bed capacity utilization

Increase ED and ICU bed availability when a surge is expected, ensuring quality care for patients


Keep staff morale high by ensuring adequate staffing and preventing burnout during a surge

Scheduling elective surgeries

Avoid canceling lucrative elective surgeries during a surge in ICU/ED bed needs

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“If you would have shown me this [8 week prediction of ICU surges] 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have known what to do. Now I do.”

Hospital President Level 1 Trauma Center

“Kinsa’s predictive modeling capabilities will help us stay weeks ahead of the curve when it comes to potential viral surges, and near-future patient flow.”

Chief Quality & Learning Officer Allegheny Health Network

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