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Fueling smarter decisions in media management, sales demand and supply chain planning

We know when and where illness will strike

Kinsa Insights is a real-time illness tracking system that shows where viruses are spreading and predicts future outbreaks. We’re the health analytics arm of Kinsa, a company founded to stop the spread of illness through unique data.

The evolution of real-time illness tracking.

The benefits of predicting illness spread

Kinsa Insights delivers real-time and early illness predictions so business leaders like you can make smarter decisions that impact the lives of your customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Hundreds of businesses use Kinsa Insights to:

  • Reach sick consumers and their families at the right moment
  • Keep illness-fighting products on shelves
  • Optimize supply chains
  • Adjust staffing plans
  • Improve media targeting
  • And much more.
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Kinsa Leadership

  • Inder Singh

    Founder and CEO

    Inder founded Kinsa in 2012 with a mission to curb the spread of infectious illness through the use of technology. Prior to Kinsa, he served as Executive Vice President of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), where he brokered a series of agreements between 70 developing countries and 20 pharmaceutical companies to lower the price of AIDS, malaria and TB medicines which resulted in more than $1 billion in cost savings and enabled millions of children to access treatment.

  • Erin Koehler

    Chief Product Officer

    Erin has spent the past 15 years leading product and analytics teams. Erin previously launched novel health products in 10 countries while working at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. While at CHAI, Erin led the introduction of new and improved health products throughout Eastern and Southern Africa, and advised nine governments throughout Africa on initiatives to improve access to high-quality, low-cost medications to treat HIV and malaria.

  • John Zicker

    Vice President, Data Science

    John’s work on advanced data science spans 4 decades. Some highlights of John’s previous work experience includes positions held as CEO at Sana Security, CrossLoop and Ampilion, CTO at Sagent Technology, engineer at Nasa and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and VP of Engineering at Reportsmith.

  • William Gonzales

    Vice President, Sales (B2B)

    As a highly accomplished sales leader, William brings his in-depth experience in building and leading teams within the CPG and technology sectors to Kinsa.  William’s previous professional experience includes VP of Sales at Quotient Technology and Shopkick, as well as sales positions held at Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo and Valassis.

  • William "Bryan" Fuhr

    Vice President, Bus Development (Healthcare)

    Bryan is a veteran of Business Development and Sales and has led teams toward successful outcomes within the healthcare information technologies sector. Bryan’s previous professional experience includes VP of Business Development and sales positions at AlumiPlate, Healthsense and Best Buy Health.

  • Nita Nehru

    Vice President, Communications

    Nita leads all internal and external communications at Kinsa, and started the company’s flagship school health program, FLUency, now in 5000 elementary schools nationwide. Nita’s career has included leadership roles in health and education startups and nonprofits, including consulting for the United Nations Development Program.

  • John Schulte

    Vice President, Software Engineering

    John brings his expertise as an engineering leader and backend engineer with an entrepreneurial-like focus on outlier detection, machine learning, team facilitation/management, and API development. John’s previous professional experience includes positions held as CTO at DabNab and Remedy Labs, and cofounder of Fanbase Media.

Kinsa Advisors

  • Nirav Shah

    MD, MPH, Board Memeber

    Dr. Shah is Senior Scholar at Stanford University’s School of Medicine and Chief Medical Officer of Sharecare. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for clinical operations for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, and as Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health.

  • Richard Lim

    MBBS, MBA, Board Memeber

    As co-founder and Managing Director of GSR Ventures, Richard Lim focuses on investments in early-stage companies that apply artificial intelligence to healthcare and enterprise sectors. Prior to GSR Ventures, Richard was a serial entrepreneur. He was also an executive at Lotus Development Corp. and the National University Hospital of Singapore.

  • Beth Seidenberg

    MD, Board Member

    A longtime life sciences investor, founding managing director of Westlake Village BioPartners, and a partner at Kleiner Perkins, Dr. Seidenberg has incubated and invested in more than 20 healthcare companies during her career. Previously Dr. Seidenberg’s career focused on developing new treatments for AIDS, arthritis, asthma, cancer and psoriasis, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and renal disorders for over 20 years.

  • James Lawler

    MD, MPH, Advisor

    Dr. James Lawler is the Executive Director for International Programs and Innovation for the Global Center for Health Security at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He is also an Associate Professor of Medicine in Infectious Disease and Deputy Medical Director for the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit. Dr. Lawler’s work has spanned a broad array of research, policy, and field activities related to emerging and high-consequence infectious diseases, medical and public health preparedness, pandemic and outbreak response, and global health.

  • Carter Mecher

    MD, Advisor

    Dr. Carter Mecher has held a number of positions in medical preparedness and public health. Most recently, he was the Senior Medical Advisor for the Office of Public Health in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and from 2005-2011, Director of Medical Preparedness Policy at the White House Homeland Security Council and National Security Staff. He was a principal author of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan.

  • Vik Bakhru

    MD, MBA, Advisor

    Vik Bakhru is currently serving as Chief Medical Officer & Head of Mosaic (Partnerships/Strategy) for Circulo Health and has extensive digital health, health services, insurance, technology, telemedicine, and venture-funded business experience. Recognitions include the American Medical Association Foundation Excellence in Leadership Award, The George Washington University Award, the Kaiser Family Foundation Grant, the Becker’s Hospital Review: Rising Stars in Healthcare Award, and the Wharton Forty Under Forty for 2017.

  • Jacob Reider

    MD, CEO, Advisor

    Dr. Reider currently serves as the CEO of Huddle Health and has worked for decades to improve the health of our communities through the innovative use of technology, and the promotion of benevolence in business. Dr. Reider previously served as CEO of Alliance For Better Health, a New York DSRIP care transformation initiative, Chief Health Officer of Physera, and co-founder of RS Partners, a health IT consulting and investing firm.

  • Sunny Kumar

    MD, MBA, Board Observer

    Dr. Kumar is a Partner at GSR Ventures, where he focuses on investments in early-stage companies, applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to the healthcare sector. He is also a serial entrepreneur and most recently founded a company to reduce readmissions for high-risk patients with chronic diseases using voice-enabled natural language processing technology.

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