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Fueling smarter decisions in media management, sales demand and supply chain planning

We know when and where illness will strike

Kinsa Insights is a real-time illness tracking system that shows where viruses are spreading and predicts future outbreaks. We’re the health analytics arm of Kinsa, a company founded to stop the spread of illness through unique data.

The evolution of real-time illness tracking.

The benefits of predicting illness spread

Kinsa Insights delivers real-time and early illness predictions so business leaders like you can make smarter decisions that impact the lives of your customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Hundreds of businesses use Kinsa Insights to:

  • Reach sick consumers and their families at the right moment
  • Keep illness-fighting products on shelves
  • Optimize supply chains
  • Adjust staffing plans
  • Improve media targeting
  • And much more.
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Cold, cough and flu season is here. Download our seasonal outlook and see how Kinsa Insights’ health analytics solution can help you manage consumer demand, media placements and product supply more efficiently.

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